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Asphalt Grinding

Badger Excavating Ltd. has worked in the Ottawa Valley since 1996. We perform all jobs with a Wirtgen W50DC 1/2 Meter Milling Machine and a S185 Bobcat with sweeper.

Badger Excavating Badger Excavating

The advantages of Grinding Asphalt are:

  • One step process instead of cutting, excavating, hauling and dumping.
  • This program recycles asphalt that would normally be dumped into expensive landfills.
  • Trucking of broken asphalt is eliminated. The recycled asphalt can be stock piled on site for back fill later.
  • Our grinder is equipped with side bits that produce a feathered rough edge along the trench sides rather than a straight cold cut (from saw cutting). This allows for a superior base and final install of hot mix asphalt when the job is completed.
Badger Excavating

Services available from Badger Excavating Ltd.:

  • Step milling for asphalt tie-ins and year end road crossings;
  • Profiling for butt joints in existing asphalt;
  • Sweeping and cleaning up;
  • Grade preparation;
  • Preparing existing asphalt for overlays and patching.

Companies that have utilized Badger Excavating Ltd:

  • R.W. Tomlinson Limited
  • Local Paving and Construction Co. Ltd
  • G. Tackaberry & Sons Construction Company Ltd
  • Goldie Mohr Ltd
  • Gordon Barr Ltd
  • Karson Kartage & Konstruction Limited
  • Knapp's Paving & Landscaping
  • Laurent Leblanc Ltd
  • Miller Paving Limited
  • Torus Construction Limited
  • Greyleith Engineering and Construction Ltd
  • Thomas Cavanagh Construction Ltd
  • Louis W. Bray Construction Limited
  • Crain's Construction Ltd
  • Dufferin Construction Company
  • Gerald Best Excavating Ltd
  • Township of North Dundas
  • Cornwall Gravel Co Ltd
  • Landrock Excavating Inc
  • A&B Paving
  • Terimax Construction Inc.
  • Willis Kerr Construction Ltd
  • Marsten Equipment Rentals